Tale of a Crown

Sammy Chand masterfully depicts the rise and reign of a mythic ruler from pre-colonial India on his debut album Tale of a Crown. The album evokes exotic imagery, in an enchanting musical interpretation of the last days of the Mughal Empire and the rise of the Maratha. It captures the pulsating energy of the bazaar and the ecstatic joy upon the birth of the heir apparent. It follows his journey to claim his birthright, protect his family legacy and secure his place among the great Maharaja. Unbeknownst to his subjects, the newly ascended King is all too aware that they will soon defer to the next chapter of history. Tale of a Crown is an epic told with broad strokes and ornate details. It is an electrifying and emotionally charged musical experience. Each song captures the essence of India’s rich musical tradition. Chand’s unique ability to unify the various regional elements of Indian music into a cohesive sound with pulsating Hip-Hop rhythms has become his musical signature.