OCTV: Sammy Chand On Pioneering Desi Music In America

Join Raj Girn as she sits down with Sammy in a conversation with him during the Open Chest Los Angeles Series tour, where he talks to her about his passionate involvement with the human-trafficking film SOLD and his work on the film's background score. 5.03.2016 / Live in Orange County, CA


Sammy visited the 90.7 KPFK studios to talk with Yatrika Shah-Rais about the 5th Anniversary of IFFLA Rhythm Village and previewed the title track off of his upcoming Blood & Treasure project.

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Fusia media

Fusia Media asks Sammy Chand about his inspiration that led to his work in the Music business and talks about the goals he has ahead for the year.  He also talks about how he got involved with the film SOLD.  Check out the interview with Aabida Dhanji in the article titled FEEL THE VIBE.

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987FM hits

Sammy Chand talks with the famous Baba Kahn of Toronto’s 98.7fm.  The two talked about the Cappadonna-Sammy Chand collab and also played the brand new Michael Franti track.  The song Once A Day was played on air and was the Canadian premiere of the song.  The soundtrack releases May 6th, 2016.

RED 93.1FM

Sammy talks with Pranav on 93.1FM in Vancouver during prime time.  Sammy shared his latest track ONCE A DAY with RedFM and talked about how Cappadonna had Punjabi food at his house before recording.


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Hands Up - Sammy Chand ft Cappadonna (Wu Tang Clan)

Producer Sammy Chand's signature hip hop beats fuse with Cappadonna from the Wu Tang Clan to form a dynamic new sound. Filmed in Los Angeles the music video features Cappadonna and Sammy Chand as they enter their secret venue.

She wants my heart - Dil Mungi

LA based vocalist CJ (Charenjeet) has added his musical signature to many of Sammy’s productions. A long time collaborator, CJ can be heard back on the 1999 Rukus Avenue debut Passage to India. Dil Mungdi pairs a quintessential Bollywood theme with a distinct American flavor. For the visual, director Janet Roston interpreted the song’s premise of the singer having many women pursue him, into a charming story about a Sadie Hawkins dance – a distinctly American tradition, where traditional roles are reversed (girls ask boys to the dance).

Blood Brothers

A perfect storm of events catapulted the music video for Blood Brothers to the forefront of the independent music scene, both in the US and abroad. Through an agressive push on MTV Desi, in academia as the subject of dialogues regarding immigration and sociological issues the video for Blood Brothers sparked minds, touched hearts and opened up the door for Sammy to secure a distribution deal with Sony BMG. Directed by Yiuwing Lam

Karmacy - Passage to India

The video for the title track off the Passage to India compilation released by Rukus Avenue projected Sammy and the other members of Karmacy into homes around the world and was the catalyst for future successes. Directed by Robert Narholz, and includes 8mm footage taken by Narholz on a childhood visit to India.

The Coronation

The Coronation fuses bhangra, drum & bass and other electronic influences into a highly energetic frenzy. Live dance performance by Sher Foundation at Welcome to Rukus Avenue.

Welcome to Rukus Avenue

In 2009, Sammy produced Welcome to Rukus Avenue, a multi-disciplinary stage show hosted by Janina Gavankar and featuring Rasika Mathur, CJ, Gingger Shankar, Sammy Chand, Hoodini & Sandeep at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  It was billed as a glimpse into the future of the label’s next generation of artists. Video directed by Vincent Pascoe.


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